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-Chloe and Wes infected by parasite, Riley is not.

-Wes gets infected by parasite at the rave in the beginning along with Pete. Chloe takes Wes and Riley back to Milliways.

-Wes starts acting adreneline high, after Chloe figures out whats going on back in Smallville, goes to bar to get Wes and bring him back. Needs Riley to help, the three of them go back to Smallville.

-Chloe goes to cave with Clark and gets infected. Leaves Riley in charge of watching Wes.

-Make out scene in the Torch office is with Riley, not random high school boy 5. She sends him off to find Wes and talk with Clark will be completely altered.

-Chloe goes off to find Pete. Meet up with Wes and Riley. All go to Talon and find Clark. Clark gets slipped red kryptonite.

-Clark should totally hit on Chloe under red kryptonite. An time up until gorge scene Clark does something with alien powers, Wes somehow gets free and Riley has to go after him. This way Riley does not find out Alien Secret.

-Talon scene be with Chloe trying to play strip poker with Riley and Clark trying to play too with Riley pushing him away. Gone to Talon to show off Riley and Clark to Lana. Lose red kryptonite.

-Gorge scene: Wes and Pete drive the car over the cliff. Riley's busy dealing with Chloe this time. Clark saves them and brings them all to the hospital with Riley's help.

-Parasite removed for great yay!


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