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Make your own list

Things I’ll never get to tell you:

Your corny jokes aren’t really funny, but I laugh because you’re the one saying them.
The way you look when you wake up in the morning is the most endearing sight I’ve ever seen.
You can blow away all that money from the finder’s fee and I’d just hug you and laugh.
I was planning on being the one to propose.
I’ve never wanted kids, but when I look at you, I think it might not be so bad.
You were the best thing to ever happen to me.

But you’re safer without me in your life. Now I won’t ever have the chance to hurt you because I’m a freak.

In the end, I don't know if Clark really was worth it.

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Make a list of things that inspire you.

Okay, so in no particular order:

1. Perry White's Pulitzer winning article that landed Morgan Edge in jail.

2. My parents. Okay, I know it's corny and probably predictable, but seriously? Since my mom left, Dad's done everything possible to be a good parent to me. And Mom? She gave up her life to protect people. How can I not be inspired by people like that?

3. Clark Kent. He might call me his hero, but he'll always be mine.

4. The very first article I ever wrote. I was eight, in the second grade, and decided that my book report had to be a literature critique. It was my first A+, too!

5. Coffee. I can't start my day without it.

6. The Daily Planet. That paper has produced more Pulitzer winning reporters than any other in existence. It's known world wide and anyone who's anyone knows it's the paper to turn to for your up to the minute news fix.
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Make a list of things you've never grown out of.

1. Reading the Daily Planet every morning. I’ve been doing it since I was old enough to read, actually.

2. Coffee. It’s my life’s blood.

3. Clark Kent.

4. Writing. If I’m going to win the Pulitzer by the time I’m twenty-seven, I can’t ever stop practicing.

5. Researching anything weird. Agent Mulder will always totally be my idol.

6. Father’s Day brunches with Dad. It’s been our thing ever since Mom left.

7. Being a city girl: eight years in Smallville hasn’t changed that yet. I doubt it ever will.
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Ten Life Lessons (to date):

10. Life in Smallville, Kansas will never be dullsville.

9. If a guy's interested in you, there's probably a seventy five percent chance he's out to kill you.

8. Farmboys make really good kissers.

7. Never judge a book by its cover.

6. Going against metaphorical pit bulls does result in injuries, but really, I could care less.

5. Curiosity doesn't kill the cat.

4. Be prepared to bring the big guns when dealing with the Luthors.

3. Sometimes people leave because they have to, not because they don't love you anymore.

2. Sometimes you have to find the silver lining in life's disappointments.

1. A real friend sticks with you is willing to be your own personal bomb squad, no matter what.


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