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She had left her note, she had made her phone calls, and she had said her goodbyes. Everything was set for her visit with Dr Knox. And, surprisingly, Chloe didn't feel nervous at all.

As she waited to be seen by the doctor, she flipped idly through a magazine in the small waiting room. There wasn't much else to do now.
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As it turned out, Dr Knox had an appointment much sooner than Chloe expected. Today, in fact. Today she would go and be cured from those horrible meteor rocks. No more healing and no more dying. After today, Chloe Sullivan would be normal again.

After today, Chloe might never remember those she loves again. She had made her peace with Clark. Her father she would remember. AC received a rambley message on his cell voice mail-

-I do love you, AC. I mean, how can't I? You're my best friend next to Clark and always there for me when I needed you ever since I found out about you guys. It's been weird, keeping our friendship a secret, but it's been worth every moment of it. Even when you told me that you love me. I want nothing more than to say that I could love you back in the same way, but right now, I... I can't. I'm still in love with Riley and I don't know how to turn those feelings off, if I ever can.

But please, don't let me forget you. Don't ever let me forget-

-that had been cut off. For the better, Chloe had thought. If she hadn't been, she was afraid of breaking down into tears. Those tears didn't come until she began to write her letter to Riley. Giving up Clark and AC and everyone else seemed to pale in comparison next to giving up her memories of him. But he deserved a normal girlfriend. She deserved a normal life.


I swear this isn't the break up letter you're looking for. We've done that dance once and, frankly, it sucked. I've hurt you in so many ways and, and just when we've started to be friends again, I'm going and ruining everything. And I'm sorry. If there was any alternative, I swear I'd take it. I swear I wouldn't do this.

But there isn't. And you seriously deserve so much better. You deserve a girlfriend that's normal. You deserve everything I couldn't give you, not then and not now.

After tonight, I might not remember you anymore. I might not even remember Milliways. If things had turned out differently between us, I would be begging you not to let me forget why we belong together. A part of me still wants to beg, but I won't do that to you.

Someone once said that if you loved something, you had to let it free. Consider this setting you free for good, Riley. If I don't remember you, don't remind me. Just forget about me, too.

I love you, though. And that, I promise, never to forget.


It was why she was standing here now, letter in hand. Chloe took a deep breath and placed it on Bar's counter. "Give this to Riley Poole, please?"

And with that, she had an appointment to face.
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It seemed odd to Chloe that out of all of the places she could have come to think, she picked her office in the Planet. It would have been one thing if she was researching a lead, but this was a personal letter she had to write - write, not even type.

She owed him that much. After all the crap she had put him through, after realizing just how much she was still in love with him, she owed him.

They had come here once, on one of their first dates. It had been a silly idea and they had spent the time looking up his existence in her Earth. There had been a Riley Poole discovered. It had bothered her then. Now, Chloe didn't know what to make of it.

She sighed and stared at the blank piece of paper in front of her.

It was a letter she had no idea how to start.
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She hadn't understood the weird look Clark gave her when he had caught her. Okay, so what if falling six stories wasn't exactly in the plan for the night? Right before she fell, Chloe had been able to knock the assailant out cold in the process. Which meant Jimmy was safe, which totally the important part.

He had responded flatly to her comment about his timing though, and when she had mouthed him a thank you before cutting Jimmy off with a kiss, he had only given her another confused look.

Eventually, Jimmy did let her go. It only took a good five kisses and fifteen reassurances that everything was alright. As much as she wanted to call Clark out on his weird behavior, she had other things to do first. Namely: visit Lana.

And discover that, yet again, she had another secret to keep.
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Okay, so maybe next time Chloe decides to bring a friend home from Milliways, she shouldn't do it in the middle of morning rush hour. Even on a Sunday, the Talon is hopping. It is (in Chloe's opinion, anyway) the only place in all of Smallville where you can get a decent cup of joe.

The girls get a slight glare from Tom the cook the as they walk into the kitchen from Milliways. Chloe immediately makes a u-turn and the doors flap again as she leads Eirene inside the Talon proper.

Finally letting go of the other girl's arm, Chloe gestures grandiosely to the room. "This? Is the Talon. Lex's only decent businesses enterprise. I live upstairs with my cousin Lois, who's thankfully out shopping right now. Which means we have plenty of time to concoct a cover up story and figure out what you want to do with your time here."

Before Eirene has a chance to really get a good look of the room, Chloe's pulling her in the direction of the stairs. Getting rid of that bag is totally her first priority today.


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