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Clark*: *Fell*. Sort of. And then she kissed me. All her fault.
Chloe: Come one, Clark. I thought we were through with all this hiding stuff.
Clark: I'm serious!
Chloe: So who initiated the groping?
Clark: Like I said, she kissed me. I just =, you know, had to steady her else she'd fall off me completely... I mean...
Chloe: So you did.
Chloe: Hey, there's nothing wrong with it! Alien or not, you are a guy.
Clark: Exactly.
Clark: It would totally be rude to ask her to stop.
Chloe: Right. Because that's totally the reasoning behind it, huh?
Clark: Absolutely.
Chloe: It's nothing to be ashamed of, Clark.

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Clark was right. She really did need more sleep. As tempting as coffee sounded, all the excitement and fear and worry of the past twenty-four hours had taken their toll. And she'd be safe, with Riley right next to her and Clark a phone call away.

It's safe and warm in the bed. Riley's still asleep when she slips in under the orange comforter. He rolls towards her and Chloe smiles softly. She rests her head against him and yawns. Eyes closed and she's asleep:

Sleep well needed after the worst night of her life.
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Ten Life Lessons (to date):

10. Life in Smallville, Kansas will never be dullsville.

9. If a guy's interested in you, there's probably a seventy five percent chance he's out to kill you.

8. Farmboys make really good kissers.

7. Never judge a book by its cover.

6. Going against metaphorical pit bulls does result in injuries, but really, I could care less.

5. Curiosity doesn't kill the cat.

4. Be prepared to bring the big guns when dealing with the Luthors.

3. Sometimes people leave because they have to, not because they don't love you anymore.

2. Sometimes you have to find the silver lining in life's disappointments.

1. A real friend sticks with you is willing to be your own personal bomb squad, no matter what.
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She had heard it in the early morning from the Planet. Dr. Bethany had died of a heart attack last night. A little more digging and she quickly found signs of the Luthor cover-up mobile. Lana had apparently been there; a statement had been taken. Tobias had relocated to Star City for a corona transplant.

All in all, everyone was okay again.

Except for her.

Chloe still hadn't told Riley what was going on. She had fallen asleep after crying her eyes out. When she woke up - in the middle of the night, Riley still fast asleep on her bed - she had found herself unable to sleep again.

She had relocated to the living room. Sat on the couch and only moved after the phone call from the Planet. She has been there ever since.
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Look up information on Dr Bethany. Yeah, check. Chloe can do that, no matter how much she wants to be out there in Metropolis with Clark. Rather than making the drive all the way back to the Planet, she makes the shorter trip back to the apartment. Quickly stopping in the Talon to get a cup of coffee (there are benefits to being the Maid of Honor of the owner's fiancee), she heads upstairs to begin.

Her laptop is exactly where she had left it earlier in the day: on the kitchen table surrounded by a stack of papers and books. Lois hasn't been home yet. That's okay. It's probably better that her cousin remains uninvolved. Chloe takes one more sip from her mug before placing it on the table next to the computer. It's time to get to work.

She's barely five minutes in to an internet search when a gloved hand covers her mouth. She tries to scream. She tries to flail and fight. But there isn't much she can do against the chloroform soaked cloth against her lips. Despite her will to stay awake, Chloe winds up knocked out rather quickly.

When she does wake up again, Chloe finds herself unable to move. Petrified, she looks from the corner of her eye. Her legs and arms are strapped in and there are individuals in blue scrubs, face masks, and gloves all around her. She can't make out where she is. She can't make out who they are. Underneath the silvery cloth further strapping her in place across her breasts and from hips to ankles, she's exposed and naked. Chloe tries to move, at least squirm. She can't.

As much as she wants to scream, the only noise that comes out are clenched little distressed noises. Her mouth is being held open by something (what Chloe can't see), but she can feel the tubes running out from her mouth. The room darkens and a green laser (a scanner of some sort?) begins to move across her torso. Even when voices come into hearing, Chloe finds herself still too freaked to pay attention.

"Blood iron levels?"


"Copper, cadmium, and chloride all high."

"The clock is ticking. Let's not waste time."

"Erythrocyte and leukocyte counts confirmed. Initializing full-body spectral scan."

The scan narrows on her stomach. That much Chloe can see. But what she can't see bothers her more. There isn't any Clark here to save the day. She's alone with these mad scientists and she can't think of any way to escape. She groans again, wishing it could be more of a scream.

"Scanning in progress. Vertical asymptote at "X." Preparing for DNA extraction."


Unfortunately, sometimes you really do have to be careful for what you wish for. Her eyes widen even more (if possible) when an over-sized needle is raised over her abdomen. The moment it pierces the skin, Chloe finally screams.


That must have been some dream. She yawns, slowly coming to conscious. Chloe turns on her side and yawns again, blinking sleepily. There's a weird metallic taste in her mouth, but it's ignored. That nagging unsettling feeling is ignored too. Definitely some dream, a nightmare Chloe hopes she doesn't remember.

And then she does remember.

Clark never contacted her before she went to bed. She needs to call him. But first? A quick shower and a cup of coffee. Right now, Tobias Rice isn't going anywhere.
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The drive to the Daily Planet didn't take long. With more traffic heading out of Metropolis for the weekend rather than in, there was no stop and sit traffic. There was little to keep Chloe from pulling up (rather hastily) in the garage, eager to get to work.

Five minutes later and she's at her computer, already typing away.
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She had expected to get very little sleep last night given Lana's bachelorette party. But instead of a night on the town, they had gone bowling. Okay, no big deal. It was fun even, despite Chloe's skepticism at first.

And then, probably as ought to be expected in Smallville, everything took a turn for the worse.

"I'm serious, Clark," Chloe insists as she pulls him from the Talon towards her car. "Daniel Kim was abducted right in front of my very eyes."
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1. Chloe telling Clark about the night before. Summarize events with Daniel, Tobias, and Lana while driving over to bowling alley and then lead in to bowling alley scene.

2. Daily Planet: Chloe's continuing to investigate with Clark's help. Discover Tobias looking straight at Daniel in photo and then go to his home. NPC conversation between Tobias and Dr at end of thread.

3. Written OOM with Chloe being kidnapped and brought to the operation room and stuff - maybe enough information hinted in there to put in information from other scenes not written up.

4. Clark realizes Chloe's been kidnapped (la la la in some way that doesn't involve Jimmy) and goes to get Riley. Riley remains in Smallville for rest of episode. Heat vision scene, and somehow tying in the rest of the Tobias stuff.

5. Clark and Chloe wrap up scene

1. Written OOM with Chloe attacking Lex.

2. Clark waking Chloe up and them finding the accident and realizing Chloe's mom is involved.

3. Possible NPC OOM of Moira and Lex scene - written in NPC journal

4. Chloe and Clark visiting the mental hospital and being kicked out. Watching the video tape.

5. Another possible NPC OOM of Moira and Lex before Lana attack and after.

6. Chloe slipping Clark kryptonite to escape.

7. Chloe and Moira scene written up OOM

8. Scene with Chloe, Moira, Clark at Queen apartment.

9. Chloe and Lex confrontation.

10. Clark and Chloe endscene.

Also: Any other scenes Steph may want.

Other important S6 Chloe scenes: Saving Lois.
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After last night's excitement, Chloe had planned on sleeping in. That possibility had been interrupted when Lois had come home from Ollie's early in the morning - and slammed the door so loudly that Chloe bolted upward in bed.

So they broke up. Chloe couldn't say she was surprised. After spending last night helping Oliver Queen and his crew, she saw how dedicated he was to this. It was a worthy cause and one, if the circumstances had been different, Chloe might have whole-heartedly signed up for. But she knew better. Her life, right now, was here in Smallville: helping Clark and visiting Riley in a bar at the end of the universe.

New plans for the day: cheer up Lois. But five minutes in, Chloe had received a phone call. Team meeting time. Hastily, Chloe apologized to Lois as she came up with a last minute excuse ("The Planet's short staffed - I'm so sorry, Lois. Later, okay?"). As soon as she left the apartment, a smile appeared on her face. She was a part of a team.

"Okay, thanks," Chloe tells Suzanne in business before hanging up. She had checked the buzz on the web earlier in the morning, but it never hurt to double check. Grinning, Chloe closed the cellphone between her hands as she walked into the barn. "So the Daily Planet is running with the story that a gas explosion destroyed the "vacant"--"

--she points in A.C. and Vic's direction as she walks over to some hay stacks by the stairs--

"--Luthorcorp building down by the docks."
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In the time it takes Clark to interview the boys, Chloe has arrived at the Daily Planet to do more research on 33.1. She sits at her desk, typing away in a fury. She almost doesn't notice him come in.

"Took you long enough," Chloe states at the familiar whoosh of air. Papers go flying and empty coffee cups fall to the floor. She rolls her eyes at the mess. "What did you find out?"
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It hadn't exactly been a what Chloe would consider a long day at the Planet. Actually, she had been kind of eager to get home and do her own work on recent Luthorcorp break-ins.

What Chloe didn't expect, though, was to see the table practically covered with clothing. She dropped her purse by the door before closing it behind her loudly. And Lois wasn't anywhere in sight. She was almost worried over whatever it was her cousin was up to.

"Um, Lois?"


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Ask me five questions! Any five questions and I'll do my best to answer them. Be as crazy as you want.


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Looks like this one is going around again:

If you woke up and I was in bed with you, what would be your first thought?
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There is something to be said about the sort of place where you can wind up celebrating a holiday months before you otherwise would back home. Not that this day of 'omg love and romance' is Chloe's favorite holiday or anything like that. Far from it; all those Valentine's Days in the past had been, well, very sucky as she would watch Clark moon over Lana yet again.

But right now, Chloe Sullivan is optimistic. Optimistic that today is going to set forth a new trend, one filled of non-sucky Valentine's Days from here on out. So, she's dressed nicely today, wearing a pretty pink (even if she hates pink) blouse and a brown courdary skirt, putting in the extra effort to make her hair more wavy than normal today too.

No, really, she's not trying to impress him. Seriously! Come on, like she'd ever do a thing like that.

But right now, she is sitting at a small table, playing with an envelope in her hands as she waits for Riley to show up.

Hopefully, he'll show up soon.
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Hey Riley –

Well, long time no see, huh? It’s only been a couple of weeks for me and I don’t know how long it’s been for you, but, well, I miss you. I finally had time to come back here today and I was really hoping to see you I really hope you’re okay and but I guess you’re not here yet. So I’m leaving this with Bar for you. I have one at home, and I thought you might appreciate it to.

Come back soon please?


(along with the note is a framed photo of Chloe and Riley cuddling together in the blankets in Chloe’s room at Milliways)
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The sheet of photo paper falls out of the printer and on to the tray. Humming to herself, Chloe picks it up and begins the short walk back to her desk. She’s been here long enough to know her way around blindfolded, and weaving her way through the crowd of people in the basement of the Daily Planet. But then again, Chloe had always been an expert on this place, even before her job here.

Finally, she sits down at her desk, placing the photo paper next to the steel frame sporting only Michelangelo the ninja turtle’s throwing star glued to the lower left hand corner as decoration. Her hand goes to her mouse and she clicks on the refresh button of her browser. But there’s no new email, so Chloe goes to work on trimming the edges of the photograph instead. It’s not like she has anything pressing to do right now anyway.

She had been debating on what to put in the frame. She wanted something from Milliways and something new to put on her desk back home. But after that photo spree she had gone on, Chloe had come back with a memory stick full of images: random patrons, friends, and many pictures of Riley – some with her and some without. Earlier today, after finishing a short op-ed piece, Chloe had finally found one she liked to put in there.

And it fits perfectly, she finds out minutes later as she flips the frame over. Chloe holds it out with two hands, admiring her handiwork with a pleased nod. In the frame now sits a photo taken the morning after her first night together with Riley. At some point, after the morning kisses had led to an amusing round of sex, and after they had gotten out of bed only long enough for teeth brushing and a quick wash-up, she had grabbed the digital camera to take back to bed with her. She had snuggled up against him and he had pulled the blankets up halfway and with both hands holding up the camera, snapped a quick shot.

So that moment was now preserved in time and preserved on her bedside table back home in Smallville forever: she’s giggling and Riley’s beaming from ear to ear – both of them looking content with life and each other. She couldn’t have him here with her, but at least she could have that. It was perfect.

“Hey, what’s that?”

A voice from behind her interrupts Chloe from the daydream she had been quickly slipping into. Immediately, the frame is placed face-down on to her desk, but before she has a chance to place a book on top of it, an over-sized hand scoops down to intercept the frame.

Chloe jumps out of her seat and lunges for the frame, but the hand holds it out of her grasp. “Give that back, Clark! We’re not at the Torch office anymore! Come on, Clark!”

Clark shakes his head, holding the frame above her head. His other hand grasps her shoulder to keep her back away from him. “Just let me see it and I’ll give it back.”


“Chlooee,” he whines in return, nearly bumping into a hurrying woman as he backs away from the desk. “It doesn’t take super vision to know you’re hiding something. And I want to see…


Chloe bites her lip when she sees Clark’s face fall and frowns. She couldn’t keep the secret forever, not if she put this picture by her bed, but she wanted Riley and Milliways just to be hers a little while longer. She didn’t want to hurt Clark’s feelings either, not when he was her best friend and everything. But…but this was Riley and Riley was hers and Clark just grabbed the moment away from her.

Quietly, she walks up to him, touching his arm gently and taking back the photo. Chloe looks down at it – at the smiling couple holding each other close among red and orange blankets – and for a moment there, she wishes she could go back to that. But she can’t, so she guides Clark over to a storage closet, closing the door behind them for some privacy from the other busybody employees at the Planet.

She hadn’t hidden anything from him since he found out she knew about his abilities.

The shelves shake as Clark leans against them; the hurt puppy dog expression hasn’t left his face yet. She goes to stand by a stack of printing paper someone carelessly left on the floor, and fingers the photo again. Maybe Riley should come for a visit so Clark can meet him himself. That might make things somewhat better, right? But anything has to be better than this awful awkward silence between them.

“So, uh, I can explain. Riley-” Chloe begins the same minute Clark says, “That doesn’t look like Jimmy.”

They both blink and look up at each other and Chloe sighs. “Remember freshman year of high school when I showed off that blastsword you and Pete just dismissed as something from eBay?”

Clark stares at her. “What does that have to do with anything?”

“And I mentioned Milliways,” Chloe continues, exasperated. She waves the picture frame around in frustration. “And you guys didn’t believe me. But I kept going there and it seemed surreal at first, but come on, we live in Smallville, and there is a bar at the end of the universe where anything can happen and that’s where I met Riley.”


“It’s a nice name, Clark.”

“I’m not saying anything!”

“…Clark.” Chloe pauses and takes a deep breath. Stupid, stubborn farm boys! “Clark, he’s Riley and he’s my boyfriend and I’ve known him for years and I really sort of like him a whole lot and you’d like him too if you just go to know him. Please?”

Clark’s quiet for a long moment as he studies Chloe. Occasionally his eyes flicker down to the frame in her hand before meeting her eyes again. She shrugs and smiles awkwardly, waiting for him to respond. Finally:

“You met a guy in a bar at the end of the universe?”

She nods. “This round of disbelief brought to you by an alien, right.”

“Hey!” Clark flashes a hurt look in her direction and Chloe instantly feels guilty. She mumbles an almost inaudible apology. “Chloe, aliens are one thing, but magic bars? Guys from an alternate dimension?”

“I’m holding the proof here in my hands,” Chloe says softly, looking down past the photograph and at her feet. “I wouldn’t lie to you, Clark. You know that.”

“You really met a guy from an alternate universe,” Clark asks slowly, studying her closely. He leans back further against the wall and shakes his head. It’s clear he doesn’t quite believe it. “And that’s okay by you?”

You’re the one that once dated a dangerous teleporter. And don’t forget that shapeshifter from sophomore year,” Chloe shoots back, glaring up at him. “Riley’s perfectly normal, especially compared to all the other meteor freaks we knew back in Smallville.”

Another moment of silence passes between them before Clark shrugs, smiles, and crosses the gap between them to pull Chloe into a tight hug. Whether or not he believes her on the where, at least it’s clear Clark’s accepting the outcome. “I wouldn’t have thought that normal was your type.”

“Well, he is currently on a treasure hunt that includes stealing the Declaration of Independence so these other creeps don’t get it,” she answers with a laugh. “I’ve already claimed the exclusive on that.”

“Doesn’t surprise – Declaration of Independence?”

Chloe laughs again and nods, breaking the hug. “Um, yeah. It’s a long story, Clark.”

“Yeah, well.”

Clark’s eyes flicker down to the frame in her hand and Chloe can see the hurt return to his eyes. He had no idea, she realizes and stares down at the photo. The guilt still nags, but she knows she can’t let it. Clark would just have to face facts. He wasn’t the only guy in Chloe’s life anymore. And maybe, he wasn’t the most important one either.

“Come on,” Chloe finally says, nodding towards the door. “Let’s get out of here before Avi starts spreading rumors around the basement. It’s just about lunchtime. We should go talk.”

“Okay,” he replies in a quiet tone, stealing one more glance at the photograph. “Sounds great.”

Chloe forces a grin on to her face as she pushes the door open. “Cool. Let me just put this away and grab my purse and we can go and I’ll tell you all about him. Maybe we’ll even beat the lunch crowd at Tony’s.”

He smiles back at her and Chloe remembers a time when that smile would have caused flutters in her stomach. But now that’s reserved to another person, also from another world but in an entirely different way. It makes her smile at the thought, and at the same time, it makes her miss Riley a lot. But today is her day with her best friend. Chloe knows she’ll see Riley again soon enough.
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[From here.]

Giggling softly to herself, Chloe pushes open the door to her room. It doesn't look like much: a bed against one wall and a desk with a borrowed laptop against another. There are stacks of old issues of the Daily Planet which she also got from Bar, and the one article that's actually hanging on the wall above her bed is her first byline in the Planet.

Aside from that, there aren't many posessions. After all, Chloe didn't expect to wind up back here again so soon. But then again, she did accumulate some stuff from her previous time at Milliways. Like that photo of her and Riley next to the laptop on the desk. Or the mechanical pencil that Wes broke when she finally had to swap it back fro the blastsword.

But it's colorful, with bright purple walls and a red comforter on the bed.

"Well, um, it isn't much," Chloe finally says, stepping inside. "But it's not like it's home either. Just the place I crash whenever I stay at Milliways overnight."
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Chloe didn’t mean to laugh when she got the email from Metropolis University that classes this semester had been postponed until further notice due to damages the city campus sustained during the event the media was now calling Dark Thursday. She had even been looking forward to taking Professor Guster’s course on the history of American investigative reporting. But this now meant that she was free from the burden of school to pursue that internship turned job at the Daily Planet.

It was like a dream come true: a whole semester, well hopefully, of no school and just the Daily Planet. It was one step closer to achieving her dream goal. And Jimmy seemed to be back at the paper too, which in some ways made it all the better. She smiled softly to herself, leaning back in her bed against the soft pillows, remembering. It wasn’t exactly the sort of reunion she pictured having with the photographer. After all, nearly shooting a man isn’t exactly showing affection.

But Lionel had left her with the gun to protect herself as he went after Lex-Zod-whatever. It was strange to think how Lionel had gone from being enemy #1 to someone who almost looked after them, all because of his desire for the now single Martha Kent and a possession by Clark’s biological father, Jor-El. Not that Chloe minded; she didn’t think she would have survived that crazy mob on Dark Thursday alone. But that didn’t mean she fully trusted him yet.

Life was slowly getting back to order in Metropolis and other cities affected by Zod’s influence on the power systems. Riots were mustered by the police almost immediately after power was restored and Lex didn’t seem to remember anything about his stint as Zod. It was reported as a worldwide anomaly, and once again, people only saw what the wanted to see.

She’d have to report for her first day of work in weeks since the disaster tomorrow. That was good; it was routine. Clark was back from that Phantom Zone he wound up in and saved the day, like always. Maybe the only strange thing was living with Lois above the Talon in what used to be Lana’s apartment. But it wasn’t a bad strange. Not at all. In fact, the best thing about the arrangement was that coffee was even closer now, and with Lois and Mrs. Kent running the place, Chloe got discounts right and left.

After attempting to close her eyes for yet the third time tonight, Chloe opened them and sighed at the ceiling. She couldn’t’ figure out why she was so nervous about tomorrow. It was just work, like always. It was just Jimmy. But maybe it was time to take advantage of having that endless supply of caffeine so close; it never failed to calm her before.

Shaking her head at herself, she got up from the bed and walked over to her closet to pull out a robe. Maybe a late night latte would do some good.
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Chloe still remembers the day that she found out the truth about Clark Kent. After all those years of wondering what he had been hiding, it was surprising that it took to the middle of senior year to finally find out. It was even more surprising that it took someone else to show her. So much for those super-amazing reporter skills she had always bragged about.

Alicia had appeared in the Torch office, startling Chloe as she read the title of the latest torch issue. She thought Alicia was crazy then. Well, she had good reason to, what with the escape from prison and obsession with Clark. Alicia claimed that she knew the truth behind Clark, and that she would show it to her, and that Chloe would finally get that story of the lifetime.

The next thing Chloe knew, they had been teleported outside of Smallville High and into Alicia’s car, and Alicia was driving recklessly as she called Clark and screamed into the phone that there was something wrong with the car. It was one of the scariest moments of Chloe’s life, no matter how many of those there had been in the past.

They sped up and up and head towards a construction site and right before the car would crash into the barricades, Alicia teleported them out of the car to the side of the road. And there, lo and behold, was Clark. Her best friend was standing right in the direction of the car. And then, to her amazement, he caught it and held it in the air as if it weighed nothing. She stared, and stared, and stared.

Chloe can still remember the day she witnessed Clark use his powers for the first time in front of her, without realizing she was there. She remembers the shock and the amazement and all the doubt that followed: does she keep this a secret or does she get that article of a lifetime? In the end, the decision was easier than she ever thought it would be: she’d support him until he’d be ready to tell her himself.

But now, today, the secret is out. Clark knows she knows, otherwise she wouldn’t have followed him to that freezing fortress in the middle of the artic. He wouldn’t have found her half frozen and unconscious, telling him she knew he could run faster than a speeding bullet and that he needed to switch into Super Clark mode now. Otherwise, yet again, Chloe knew she would have died.

And that’s when she wakes up under a warm blanket in some village still all the way up north. A nurse comes in and hands her a hot drink, which Chloe accepts gratefully. Never once does she take her eyes off of Clark, standing against the wall like a paranoid guard dog. She had never forgotten that day. Chloe suspects Clark will never forget this day.

“I wonder who's more freaked out right now: me, knowing I'm in a hospital where they get their medicine via dogsled, or you, finally finding out I know your secret,” she finally says, needing to break the silence.

He looks at her. “How long have you known?”

Chloe shrugs. She doesn’t want to admit to her reporter skills lacking, but Clark deserves the truth right now. “I guess I've always had my suspicions. The quick exits, the miraculous recoveries, the lame excuses, but I think when I saw you catch a car like it was a beach ball, that kinda confirmed everything.”

She never did forget that day, after all. Chloe smiles wryly as Clark walks over to the window.

“Why didn't you say anything?”

“I figured if you wanted to tell me you were part of the super power persuasion, you would when you were ready. On your terms; not on mine.”

He nods, still staring out the window. She can only imagine what he’s going through right now. “You're a good friend, Chloe.”

But those words still hurt. He never had the guts to tell her. She had to find out on herself.” “Obviously not good enough.

“There were so many times I wanted to tell you.”

“Clark, I don't blame you,” Chloe says quickly, not wanting another awkward silence or stab of jealousy. “Loose lips sink ships and God knows I've sunk my share of floatilas. What about Lana? Does she know?”

Clark finally turns around, staring almost mournfully. “No.”

“Well, I want you to know, I'll never be the iceberg to your Titanic, and your secret will never ever leave my lips. No matter what.”

And this time she means it. When she found out all those months ago, she vowed to keep his secret. There won’t ever be any articles published on Clark Kent and his amazing super powers. At least never by her.

“I appreciate that,” he answers, and beams at her. That beam is worth a thousand words to Chloe.

“There's still a few blind spots though,” Chloe says. Now that he knows she knows, she’s done not asking questions. Because there are too many questions that have remained unanswered. “Like, how did we get beamed from the Kawatche cave to the North Pole? And, what was really going on in that forty story igloo?”

“Look, Chloe, there's a lot of things about me that even I don't understand. The meteor rocks--they didn't make me the way I am.”

“So, you're saying you were born this way?”

“I wasn't born anywhere near Smallville. In fact, I wasn't born anywhere near this galaxy.”

He says it so calmly too. But this would be the part where Chloe nearly stops breathing and once again has been reduced to words and can only stare. He didn’t…he did…but that…that would make him. Oh god. Her best friend and former but still kind of crush is an alien.

Chloe mimes silently for a couple of seconds before sounds connect to her words: “ that would make you an...”

“Yeah.” She still thinks he is way too calm about the whole thing.

“But look so...”


And Chloe stares at him again. He’s not a mind reader too, is he? She hopes not. She really hopes not.

“I'm still the same person.”

His calmness has finally dissipated and has been replaced by a nervous fear. He must think she’s going to reject him. Oh, Clark. Doesn’t he know she never do that? He’s her best friend. And on some level or another Chloe doesn’t quite understand she loves him. It’s not necessarily romantic, but it’s there. She can’t ever reject him.

“Clark --I think you're so amazing.” Chloe laughs, beaming. Her best friend is an alien. “You save people's lives and take zero credit for it. To me, you're more than just a hero. You're a super hero.”


She shakes her head. “I'm serious, Clark. If more humans were like you, the world would be a better place.”

And then he finally beams back at her, relief shining in his eyes. She wants to get up and hug him right now, or drag him to Milliways and show him he’s not the only alien out there. But she can’t get out from this bed feeling like this and the door to the bar at the end of the universe hasn’t shown itself to her in years.

The television news interrupts this joyous moment, reporting the after affects of that disastrous effects of the meteor shower that struck Smallville on the day of their high school graduation. It’s easy to talk Clark into going – he’s a superhero after all – and Chloe is left in the hospital alone. He’ll be back for her and until then, she knows this is another day she’ll never forget.

There are getting to be a lot of those lately.

*note: dialogue is from episode 5.1 of Smallville, “Arrival”, and does not belong to me
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“Miss Sullivan! Miss Sullivan!”

The bodyguard Lex had hired to protect her rushed her past the mob of reporters as Chloe was led out of the Metropolis Supreme Court building. It was a weird sight – to see that many people wanting an interview with her – and Chloe tried to dismiss the nagging feelings. But as one reporter came up to her, a middle age woman holding a press badge from the Daily Planet, Chloe forced Al to stop.

Even though Lex had said no interviews (and Chloe really, really had learned her lesson about crossing Luthors), she always did have a weakness for that paper. In fact, the proudest moment of her life must have been when she saw her name in there this past June. Her name with no attachments to a Luthor-brought column or her cousin’s name, being used as an alias to get an article published when Lionel had blacklisted her (she would have to get that fixed up sometime soon). No, it was her name. Sure it was in the obituary section of the paper, but it was hers just the same.

So now they sat in a small coffee shop across from the courthouse, Chloe with her non-fat non-foam latte, the reporter with a vanilla spice tea, and Al with plain back coffee. He watched Chloe intently as the interview proceeded, with Chloe as the interviewee and not the interviewer for one of the few times in her life.

“So, tell me what happened, Chloe. It’s a bit unusual for an eighteen year old high school student to have testimony to bring down someone as powerful as the head of LuthorCorp.”

Chloe grinned. “Well, you see, nothing’s ever normal in Smallville. I could start from the beginning – with the meteor shower of ’89 and the Luthors arrival in the fall of 2001, but to make a long story short: my best friend befriended Lex Luthor after saving his life that fateful autumn day. It’s been hard to stay out of Luthor family affairs since…”

The reporter nodded. “Continue.”

“About a year and a half ago, Lionel Luthor approached me to spy on…well, someone I knew that he had an interest in.” Chloe paused, frowning for a moment. She didn’t like thinking back on that deal and what it had nearly cost her. “Anyway, let’s just say that it wasn’t the highlight of my life or anything like that, and I agreed in return for that column at the Planet.

“It took me a few months to come to my sense, but I did and tried to break the deal. Bit of advice? Don’t go making deals with the devil, especially ones you know you can’t keep. Not only did I lose my column, but my dad lost his job at LuthorCorp as well. And Lionel never stopped hounding me.”

“What changed?”

“Lex Luthor. He wanted revenge for that unnecessary trip to Belle Reeve last year. And I knew something that Lionel had erased from his son’s mind: Morgan Edge had been hired by Lionel Luthor to start the tenement fire that killed his parents. I managed to get a confession on voicemail – don’t ask, reporter’s secret – and even though Lionel thought he had it destroyed by hacking into my account, well, see, the thing about voicemails is that they’re like deleted computer files. They never really go away.

“I knew I’d never really be free of Lionel’s grasp on my own, so I agreed to work with Lex. He hired someone to dig up the voicemail from the dredges of cyberspace and we now had evidence to use against Daddy Dearest. He also got the FBI to put me and my dad in protective custody for the duration of the trial.”

Chloe shrugged, trying to look brave in the face of the bad memories this interview brought up. “It worked; between my testimony and Clark Kent’s, we were able to deny Lionel Luthor bail last June.”

“But your house was blown up shortly after you testified. I remember reading the article,” the reporter replied, taking a sip of her tea. “Obviously someone wasn’t done with you yet.”

“Yeah,” Chloe said, laughing nervously. Sure, it had only been her home for the past four or so years, but losing it still hurt. “I guess Lionel didn’t really want to die in jail, not that I’d blame him.

“Lex somehow found out about the explosions and had his people usher Dad and me through a tunnel underneath our home. He then set up a safe house that was protected both by the FBI and my uncle.”

“You’re uncle?”

“General Sam Lane, my quite so literal Uncle Sam.” Chloe shrugged. “It was weird having to fake my own death, but it worked for the most part.” She rubbed at a healing bruise on her forehead. She had been lucky Clark had found her in time yesterday, before Lionel’s hit man had a chance to finish the job. “It was worth it though. Today I got to kick Lionel Luthor’s butt.”

Today she had kicked Lionel Luthor’s butt, after hiding for almost three months and after living in fear for almost a year and a half. Today it was over. Today it ended. Done, finito, gone. It’s been the drama that had defined her life for over the past year now. But she survived and she testified. Lionel Luthor wouldn’t be able to hurt her again.

That was definitely worth it’s weight in gold.
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