Feb. 19th, 2008

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1. Chloe telling Clark about the night before. Summarize events with Daniel, Tobias, and Lana while driving over to bowling alley and then lead in to bowling alley scene.

2. Daily Planet: Chloe's continuing to investigate with Clark's help. Discover Tobias looking straight at Daniel in photo and then go to his home. NPC conversation between Tobias and Dr at end of thread.

3. Written OOM with Chloe being kidnapped and brought to the operation room and stuff - maybe enough information hinted in there to put in information from other scenes not written up.

4. Clark realizes Chloe's been kidnapped (la la la in some way that doesn't involve Jimmy) and goes to get Riley. Riley remains in Smallville for rest of episode. Heat vision scene, and somehow tying in the rest of the Tobias stuff.

5. Clark and Chloe wrap up scene

1. Written OOM with Chloe attacking Lex.

2. Clark waking Chloe up and them finding the accident and realizing Chloe's mom is involved.

3. Possible NPC OOM of Moira and Lex scene - written in NPC journal

4. Chloe and Clark visiting the mental hospital and being kicked out. Watching the video tape.

5. Another possible NPC OOM of Moira and Lex before Lana attack and after.

6. Chloe slipping Clark kryptonite to escape.

7. Chloe and Moira scene written up OOM

8. Scene with Chloe, Moira, Clark at Queen apartment.

9. Chloe and Lex confrontation.

10. Clark and Chloe endscene.

Also: Any other scenes Steph may want.

Other important S6 Chloe scenes: Saving Lois.
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She had expected to get very little sleep last night given Lana's bachelorette party. But instead of a night on the town, they had gone bowling. Okay, no big deal. It was fun even, despite Chloe's skepticism at first.

And then, probably as ought to be expected in Smallville, everything took a turn for the worse.

"I'm serious, Clark," Chloe insists as she pulls him from the Talon towards her car. "Daniel Kim was abducted right in front of my very eyes."


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