Feb. 10th, 2008

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After last night's excitement, Chloe had planned on sleeping in. That possibility had been interrupted when Lois had come home from Ollie's early in the morning - and slammed the door so loudly that Chloe bolted upward in bed.

So they broke up. Chloe couldn't say she was surprised. After spending last night helping Oliver Queen and his crew, she saw how dedicated he was to this. It was a worthy cause and one, if the circumstances had been different, Chloe might have whole-heartedly signed up for. But she knew better. Her life, right now, was here in Smallville: helping Clark and visiting Riley in a bar at the end of the universe.

New plans for the day: cheer up Lois. But five minutes in, Chloe had received a phone call. Team meeting time. Hastily, Chloe apologized to Lois as she came up with a last minute excuse ("The Planet's short staffed - I'm so sorry, Lois. Later, okay?"). As soon as she left the apartment, a smile appeared on her face. She was a part of a team.

"Okay, thanks," Chloe tells Suzanne in business before hanging up. She had checked the buzz on the web earlier in the morning, but it never hurt to double check. Grinning, Chloe closed the cellphone between her hands as she walked into the barn. "So the Daily Planet is running with the story that a gas explosion destroyed the "vacant"--"

--she points in A.C. and Vic's direction as she walks over to some hay stacks by the stairs--

"--Luthorcorp building down by the docks."


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