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Sometimes, Smallville is a good place to live. Because in Smallville distractions come easily. In Smallville, you have phantoms in disguise as your best friend. In Smallville, your other best friend dies. You couldn’t save her because you could only save one person at a time.

And because of that, you die.

Sometimes, Smallville is a terrific place to live. Because in the last few months, Chloe has been so busy that she hasn’t had time to think about certain places. Or certain people. Sure, one of them just won’t stay out of her life, being so stupidly nonchalant about everything that she just wants to scream. And another tried to stop by, but hey, it's surprisingly easy to say no to a goddess. But that last one?

He’s easy to avoid.

That place you first met is easy to avoid.

Everything about him, every single stupid reminder is stuffed in a box. Your cousin owed you, whether she knew it or not, and was more than willing to deposit it for you. It’s safe in Clark’s loft. He’ll never go looking for it. No one will.

You’ll never have to see it. You’ll never want to because the slate has been wiped clean.

You died.

You can never be that girl you were before. She’s dead in so many ways. And it’s better like that.

Chloe Sullivan, ace reporter. Capable of helping your best friend find his long lost cousin without so much of a wince. Capable of healing. And absolutely determined to help Ollie and his crew bring down Lex Luthor and Level 33.1.

You don’t have time for heartbreak.

You died.

The world will never be the same again.

So maybe, you think, typing up your latest scoop and trying desperately to ignore the fact that your cousin now works here too, it's time to go back.

Your last sanctuary has been broken. You died. You're a genuine meteor freak and who knows how much longer you have left to live.

Time to start over.


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